Squatch Rope Hemp Fire Starter | Wind Proof, Water Proof, Eco-Friendly Fire Starter Rope

  • 6" Wind Proof, Water Proof, Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly Fire Starter Rope
  • Assembled in the US and made from all-natural hemp, one of the “greenest” materials known to Bigfoot, our fire starters are better for the earth and the woods than cotton alternative.
  • 101-year shelf life; up to 50 fires from one rope. Cut what you need, save the rest!
  • Wet, dry, warm or cold, you’ll have a bonfire in seconds! Works with lighters, matches or ferro rods.
  • Save the Squatch – Never leave fires unattended and always make sure they’re fully extinguished. Only you can prevent forest fires

Customer Reviews

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Tried it out in our Solo Stove outdoors this week. Works great!

I've tried a lot of fire starters. This one is my favorite all around

There are other fire tinder products that burn a little longer but nothing lights as easily as this stuff. You also get a lot for the price. It burns a little less time than Fat Rope Stick but lights much easier with a ferro rod. It's also nice that it's made of a very sustainable raw material.

Double D
My New Go Too

It had rained the nite before. Everything was damp. I cut about 3/4 of an inch of the Squatch Rope fire starter. Put it on a sycamore leaf, kinda fuzzed it up. 2nd strike with my ferrorod it was burning. I got a good fire going. Love this stuff! 👍👍👍👍


It worked well, it helped when it rained and my kindling got damp.


Great product. Works as described. Lightweight - perfect for backpacking.